Operating Systems Designed for Hunter Douglas Blinds

Now that you have decided on custom Hunter Douglas blinds for your windows, it is time to select an operating system. Different people have different needs, and there is an operating system available for every Miami, Florida home at South Kendall Interiors.

Standard Operating Systems for Blinds

Window treatments aren’t very useful without an operating system, so there is a standard one that comes on every horizontal or vertical blind made by Hunter Douglas.

Cordlock – Aluminum, wood, and wood alternative horizontal blinds come with the cordlock system. Two cords on one side of the blind tilt the slats and a third cord on the other side raises and lowers it. This system works quietly and effectively and includes wall cleats to safely store extra cord length when the blind is raised.

Chain and Cord – Instead of the two sets of cords found on horizontal blinds, vertical blinds come standard with a chain and cord system. The vanes of the blind are rotated by pulling the chains and the blind is moved left and right by pulling on the front or back of the looped cord.

Standard Cord – Because the wide fabric panels of Skyline® vertical blinds don’t rotate, their standard operating system consists of one looped cord that is pulled up and down to open and close the blinds.

Upgraded Corded Operating Systems

If you like the simplicity of a corded system but want something a little different, try one of these operating systems on your new window coverings.

UltraGlide® - Available on most horizontal blinds, this system utilizes a retractable cord that stays the same length to raise and lower the blind.

PermaTilt® - PermaTilt combines two modes of vertical blind operation into one. A cord loop within a wand opens and closes the blind and the wand is twisted to rotate the vanes.

SimpleLift™ – Horizontal blinds on this system are raised and lowered by depressing a small button on the bottom rail and pulling or pushing them up and down. The slats are adjusted by pulling on one of two cords, similar to the standard system.

Cordless Operating Systems

There are various reasons for wanting horizontal or vertical blinds that are cordless. Maybe you have small children or pets that you are afraid might get tangled in them. Or maybe you just don’t like looking at the cords when you look out the window. One of these cordless systems may be what you need.

LiteRise® - For completely cordless horizontal blinds, Hunter Douglas offers this system. Simply push up or pull down on the blinds to open and close them and use the wand to adjust the slats.

Wand control – Replace the looped cord on your Skyline gliding window panels with a wand to open and close them.

PermAssure® - This cordless system for vertical blinds couldn’t be easier to operate; simply use the wand to pull your vertical blinds left or right and twist it to rotate the vanes.

Cordless Operating Systems

Because of the many benefits of motorized window treatments, an article about operating systems wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the amazing motorized operating system offered by Hunter Douglas. Available on most horizontal and vertical blinds, PowerView® allows you to adjust your blinds with a remote control, mobile device, or whole-home automation system.

To determine which operating system is right for you, call or visit South Kendall Interiors, your Hunter Douglas blinds dealer in Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas.