Choosing the Right Color for Hunter Douglas Shades

The first step in choosing a color or fabric for your perfect shades is first choosing the type of shades. These types include motorized shades, honeycomb shades, woven wood, Roman shades, roller shades, and sheers. After choosing from one of these types, you are ready for the next decision of choosing which type of color or fabric is best for the shades you have chosen. At South Kendall Interiors, our experts can navigate you through all of the decisions surrounding your window treatment and find the perfect shades for your home or office.


Shades can come in a large range of textures and at South Kendall Interiors, you can choose from hundreds of Hunter Douglas textures for your shades. As your type of shades depends on the style/look that you are going for in your home or office, so does the texture of the shades. It is important to consider the mood of your room in which you are placing your shades. For a more formal feel, try going with a silk or velvet texture. For more a practical, casual feel try going with a cotton blend. Aside from these tips, your personal preference will play a large role in the texture you choose for your shades and what fits best for your ideal feel.


After choosing your types of shades and texture, your next decision will involve the color of your shades. As your texture and type of shades depends on the style that you are going for in your home or office, so does the color that you choose for your shades. First, you will need to decide if you want your shades to simply complement the rest of the room or to stand out and add a pop of color. If you decide to blend, pick colors that will complement the color of your wall, just a few shades darker as to add a small bit of contrast. If you decide to go bold and stand out, pick a dominant color that adds a pop, but still fits well with the rest of the room.

Prints and Patterns

After choosing your type of shades, instead of choosing a color for your shades, you could choose a print or pattern instead. As mentioned when choosing the color of your shades, it is important to keep in mind the style and feel that you are going for in the room where you are placing your shades. If that room’s furniture is already patterned or printed, then it is best to stick with a solid color for your shades. However, if the furniture in your room is solid-colored, then to complement, add a nice print or pattern that will go with the color of the furniture.

The Best Place to Help You Choose the Right Color for Your Shades

Now that you know more about choosing the right texture and color or pattern for your Hunter Douglas shades, it is time to stop by your favorite local window treatment company, South Kendall Interiors. Our Hunter Douglas shades are offered in such a large selection of textures and colors or patterns, that we can surely find the best fit for your home or office. The shades are also backed by a lifetime limited guarantee! Our staff is experienced and professionally trained to provide you with the best experience in choosing your perfect shades! If you are ready to choose these shades, please do not hesitate to contact us!