Should I Choose Real Wood Shutters or Faux Wood Shutters?

You can’t go wrong with plantation shutters in your Miami, Florida home. Hunter Douglas offers three types of custom shutters – real wood, faux, and hybrid – each of which have their own benefits.

Benefits of Heritance® Real Wood Shutters

Nothing can duplicate the beauty of woodgrain, and Heritance wood shutters are available in a variety of stains to emphasize rather than hide it. If you prefer white, off-white, or another color, this line of shutters can be painted as well.

Natural wood is actually lighter than its manmade counterparts. So if you have a large window to cover, wood shutters are the better choice. This is also true if you plan on hinging several shutter panels together. The lighter material will reduce the strain on the hinges.

Don’t let the fear of decimating the world’s forests deter you from choosing real wood shutters. The wood used by Hunter Douglas is sensibly harvested and the company makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation each time a wood shutter is purchased.

Benefits of Palm Beach® Faux Shutters

Palm Beach faux shutters are made from a polysatin compound that withstands moisture and humidity, making them perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.

The material used in Hunter Douglas faux shutters is UV resistant, so they are guaranteed not to fade, warp, or crack, even in the Miami sun.

Because they are manmade, these shutters are more cost-effective than real wood shutters, which gives you more wiggle room in your decorating budget.

The DuraLux">® finish available on Palm Beach shutters resists denting and scratching, so they will never need to be stained or painted.

NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Can’t decide between real wood and faux? Thanks to Hunter Douglas, you don’t have to. NewStyle combines the benefits of real wood shutters and faux shutters to create a durable, beautiful, and affordable window covering. The real-wood look of these shutters is enhanced by the innovative Finetech low-luster finish, which also makes them very easy to clean. And the combination of natural and synthetic products makes them lighter than faux shutters and more durable than wood ones.

What All Hunter Douglas Custom Shutters Have in Common

No matter which material you choose, your Hunter Douglas shutters will be quality window treatments. All wood and hybrid shutters are made with TrueMill dovetail construction, making them strong and long-lasting. Your furniture and flooring will be protected from UV rays by any of these plantation shutters and they will help keep out the heat of the Florida summers. And for peace of mind, every window treatment made by Hunter Douglas is made in the U.S. and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

To help you decide which type of shutter is right for you, talk to the window treatment experts at South Kendall Interiors. Serving Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas, we’re available for consultations at our showroom or are happy to make an appointment to meet you at your home.